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out and said: ‘What are you doing? There are peaceful people living
            here, women, children and old people’. After that I heard a few shots.
            Two  shots  at  the  house  and  the  last  one  at  the  head.  Azov fighters
            are distinguished by aggressiveness, equipment and weapons. Before
            shooting at the man the fighter asked: ‘Do you live here?’ The man
            said, yes, I live here. The fighter killed him and said: ‘Now live here’.
            He  kicked  him  with  his  foot  and  left.  Here  the  man  is  buried.  His
            name is Igor Kozyrev. Azov fighter killed him, it was the beginning of
            March, the first part of March. We celebrated International Women’s
            Day in the basement”.

            Testimony 6
                                   Vladimir Leonidovich Polyakov (72 years old).
                                   Place of residence at the time of the survey —

                                      “On 7 March 2023 the guys from the
                                   PMC    Russian  fighters  evacuated  me.
                                   On 9 March they came again and took us
                                   under  their  wing  and  guarded  us  so  that
                                   those bastards would not kill us. When we
                                   were leaving, my granddaughter’s husband
                                   went  first,  my  great  grandson  Dan’ka,
                                   8  years  old,  and  my  granddaughter  with
            a  baby  Svyatoslav  who  was  7  months  old  in  her  arms  followed.
            A  Ukrainian  sniper  targeted  us  with  a  heavy  machine  gun.  From
            the village he could see us as if on his palm. His bullet touched my
            granddaughter’s hair. So finally, we left only at 10 o’clock at night
            when it was dark, when those monsters from the AFU calmed down
            a little bit.
               They blew up the dam and everything they could blow up. Nothing
            live is left after them. They would come into the basements and throw
            grenades. Even fascists did not do such things. They knew that there
            were people in the basements, but still threw grenades and shot at the
            people. They did it because we were, as they called us ‘waiting’, those
            who were waiting for when Russians will come. This is how they dealt
            with us”.

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