P. 4

We  were  evacuated  on  10  March
                                      2023.  In  the  morning  of  that  day  we
                                      went  down  to  the  basement.  Later  we
                                      heard  that  Russians  were  outside.  We
                                      shouted  that  there  were  women  and
                                      children  there  in  the  basement.  The
                                      Russians heard us. I opened the door of
                                      the basement and two Russians came in.
                                      They started taking us outside.
                                         When   Ukrainian  snipers  started
                                      targeting us, it was really horrible.
               There was a case in the town Opytnoye. Ukrainian aircraft levelled
            the three-storied building and killed six or seven people who were in
            the basement. People tried to dig them out.
               Later Ukrainian snipers started shooting at those who were sorting
            out rubble with people. Snipers shot at one man, he was taken to the
            hospital, but still died.
               My schoolmate in town Budyonovka was also shot by a Ukrainian
            sniper. He wanted to cross the street.
               On 15 March 2023 my other schoolmate arrived and told me that
            Romka Turov was killed. He came out in the street and wanted to run
            from one house to another, but the bullet hit him. In about two hours
            they came up to him, but he was already dead. They covered him with
            a blanket.
               Another family is the Scheglovs. His godfather’s father was shot
            in  his  arm  by  the  sniper.  When  they  moved  to  another  basement,
            his  godfather’s  father  went  to  check  what  happened  to  his  house
            where  Ukrainian  fighters  moved  in.  When  he  got  to  the  house  he
            felt a sharp pain in his arm. The Ukrainian sniper shot him in his
            right  arm.  It  was  in  the  middle  of  February.  His  name  was  Viktor
            Michailovich Scheglov, he was about 60 years old. Soon after that
            his house was burned.
               When the Russians took us out of the basement, a nearby sniper was
            shooting at us. Later we realised that he was shooting from the kinder-
            garten  where  he  climbed  up  through  the  chimney.  Then  a  drone

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