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spotted us and launched mines at us. Russians said that we should
          stand and listen, and come out very quietly and in the open space
          there should be 1,5–2 meters between us, then the sniper would not
          manage to hit us”.

          Testimony 2
                                    Tatyana Nikolayevna Koryak (64 years old).
                                    Place of residence at the time of the survey —
                                    Artyomovsk, Krasnoflotskaya Street

                                       “Ukrainian  fighters  were  firing  at
                                    houses  and  windows  from  automatic
                                    guns.  There  was  an  empty  house
                                    nearby. Its owners moved to Ukraine
                                    territory, so a machine gunner settled
                                    there. During the month he was coming
                                    into  different  houses  and  shooting
                                    around  at  houses  and  windows.  We
                                    were sleeping in the child’s room and
          heard  in  the  morning  how  he  was  walking  and  shooting.  We  saw
          how a bullet hit the window. At another street mortars and machine
          gunners were also firing. We were taken out by Russian volunteers.
          They  told  us  to  do  what  they  said  and  to  be  very  attentive  because
          there was a Ukrainian sniper working there. We heard his shootings
          and ran between shootings.
            Why  were  the  Ukrainians  shooting?  Because  they  were  fighting.
          As my neighbor told me, she came up to one fighter at the market in
          a new Micro-District and said: ‘Guys, are you defending us?’ And they
          answered to her, that they came not to protect us, but to kill us”.

          Testimony 3
            Svetlana Vladimirovna Surma (54 years old). Place of residence at the time
            of the survey — Mariupol, Korolenko Lane

            “There was an Azov sniper settled in the house near us in Korolenko
          Lane, Gugel Street. The Azovstal plant was located near us. That sniper

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