P. 6

was  shooting  at  small  children.  When  families  left  houses,  he  killed
            first children of 3–5 years old, then killed their parents. You walk and
            see  how  people  fall  in  front  of  you.  We  ran  to  my  husband  who was
            in a different district, and watched all this. There were no Russian or
            Donetsk soldiers, only Ukrainian divisions and Azov. When they were
            climbing down from the attic, I saw they had a sniper’s rifle, camouflage
            and a blue armband. I saw an optic sight. They looked at us with a wicked
            smile. They thought we were rabid dogs. We are not the people for them,
            but a shield. They do not need us. We are just a target for them.
               Our lives changed within one month. They took away everything
            which was in this life for our children and grandchildren. I was saved
            by Chechens. They took me out and later Donetsk fighters helped to
            get us to Novoyazovsk and then here to Donetsk. Now the doctors in
            the hospital help me to survive”.

            Testimony 4
               Anatoly Ivanovich Kryachok (62 years old). Place of residence at the time of
               the survey — Artyomovsk, 2  Lomonosov Lane
               “I  was  on  the  roof  because  the  slate  of  the  roof  was  all  broken.
            I  started  repairing  it.  It  was  still  quite  early,  people  probably  were
            still  drinking  coffee  and  shelling  was  not  very  fierce.  When  I  started
            throwing down the slates it became quite noisy. I heard a bang nearby,
            but did not pay attention, because the sound was familiar. At first I did

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