P. 9

Testimony 7
                                 Michael Alexandrovich Reznik. Place of
                                 residence at the time of the survey — Mariupol

                                   “I  decided  to  visit  my  father  in  the
                                 basement  and  get  some  food  at  the
                                 Metallurgov Avenue. On 19 March I drove
                                 into  my  courtyard  and  parked  my  car
                                 near my neighbouring house. As soon as I
                                 turned off the engine, machine gun started.
                                 My car was shot, all windows went out and
                                 something got into my chest. I jumped out
                                 through my neighbour’s car passenger door
          into  the  street,  raised  my  hands  and  began  shouting  ‘Do  not  shoot,
          peaceful people here’. At this time the bullet hit me and caught my hip
          bone. God bless, my father and neighbours saw me. They pulled me
          into the basement and I stayed there for the following six days”.

          Testimony 8
            Vera (39 years old). Place of residence at the time of the survey —
            countryside near Artyomovsk
            “The  attacks  and  shootings  were  terrible.  Ukrainian  snipers  and
          mortars  were  used  to  shoot  at  us.  Russian  fighters  carried  children
          wearing  body  armoured  vests  in  their  arms.  They  were  running  to
          save those children. When we ran down into the basement we started
          hugging  and  crying,  because  were  very  happy  that  we  survived  and
          because  we  are  the  only  ones  who  know  those  moral  and  physical
          abuse  which  we  suffered  from  that  punitive  detachment.  Our  hands
          were shaking. We are local, so everybody had their own horror story.
          In every family there were their own heroes, those guys who said: ‘Do
          not be afraid, get out. We came to save you, we are Russian’. We began
          crying with joy, because before that we were in such a despair as we
          thought that we would not stay alive.
            Ukrainians told us: ‘You did not evacuate and we have a command
          not to leave here anybody’. When we requested to evacuate children,
          they answered that there were neither children nor people there. It was

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