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very scary. It was also scary when food and water finished and we had
            nothing to give to our children. We tried to do what we could. When
            it started snowing we raked it at night with our hands and melted it in
            a bowl.
               There was another basement where an old man and woman climbed
            into it as there were terrible shootings. So Ukrainians set them on fire.
            The old woman was very slim and she climbed out of the basement in
            order to open the window and save the old man. She had burns on her
            throat. Ukrainians were standing and laughing at them.
               We did not speak to the Ukrainian Armed Forces because we were
            frightened. They were so rude. We tried to avoid them. We were driven
            into a basement and we did not see them. We were not allowed to light
            candles in the basements. If they came and saw lights, there would be
            more shooting from them”.

            Testimony 9
                                      Andrey Yurievich Kodak (36 years old).
                                      Place of residence at the time of the survey —

                                         “I  was  wounded  in  Mariupol  on
                                      21  March  2022  at  the  Mir  Prospect
                                      near the hospital № 3. We went to get
                                      a  boy  who  had  his  right  arm  broken
                                      and  the  right  side  of  his  face  burned.
                                      His father covered the boy, but all the
                                      family  died:  the  boy’s  mother,  uncle
            and  grandmother.  The  boy’s  father  survived.  He  put  the  boy  in  the
            car and sent him to the hospital. We were looking for all of them and
            found the father first. He was shell-shocked and his back was pierced
            by shrapnel. He was delivered to the hospital № 17. His acquaintance
            from a different city called us and told where he was. In the morning
            we went to get him and found him there in the hospital.
               On a different day we again walked on the Mira Avenue. I found
            a stroller and we put the boy in it. As soon as we came out on the road
            and were opposite the shop ‘Lan’’, firing began from the machine gun

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